STEM’s Business Fibre product was created to offer clients a Broadband type solution. This product has been implemented at thousands of clients seeking an affordable Fibre solution.

                  Particularly popular in the Small to Medium business size space, we offer clients the flexibility of several packages to accommodate their needs. The Business Fibre network is supported by STEM, ensuring smaller businesses to enjoy the same level of customer experience as our large Enterprise clients.

                  With our ever-growing network we are able to service more businesses with this product and we proud of never delivering a contention ratio of more than 1:3. We are able to give our customers great Bandwidth at affordable prices. Clients can enjoy an array of Fibre option sizes from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps without paying an installation fee. We understand our market and we are offering small to medium businesses an opportunity to enjoy the stability and reliability of Fibre as a service without an upfront financial capital outlay.


                  • Uncapped
                  • Unshaped
                  • Up to 1:3 Contention


                  • Affordable Prices
                  • Agility in fibre bandwidth requirements
                  • Attractive contract terms
                  • Increased efficiency and productivity