How can Business Voice reshape your communications?

Across all business, big or small quality Voice/Telecoms solutions has been a controversial subject, often avoided by many. But why is that? South-Africans has suffered greatly in the past with Voice or VOIP Providers claiming they have the perfect solution for them, instead what those companies were acting as, were Guinea pigs or test dummies for lack of a better word.

South-African companies has only recently been able to enjoy proper Voice as it should be intended to. Those horrific days of decreased productivity, loss of income due to being unreachable and bad service deliveries due to disconnection of channels for their clients to contact them for sales or support are over. STEM believes that Voice should only be terminated over a stable connection, be it Fibre or Licensed Microwave. They are so confident that they even provide a Guarantee on their Voice quality provided it terminates over one of their many connectivity solutions offered. This bold statement has been tried and tested and in fact they were true to their word, having feedback from their large Local and Global clients stating that they experienced no latency, speech quality and or packet losses on their calls.

Prices have stabilized and ultimately what makes the difference is the Best of breed equipment and increased user experience that will be the differentiating factor.

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) work behind the scenes to ensure that voice, video and data communications flow smoothly and securely between networks and the people who use them. An SBC is part firewall, protecting the network from IP-based attacks; part traffic cop, policing traffic to prevent overloads and directing it over shorter distances to save money; and part peacemaker, ensuring that networked devices from different vendors all speak the same language.

STEM offers Business Voice as a standalone service as well as a combined managed Voice solution bundled with their Hosted Cloud PBX. Their Business Voice offering can be trailed, offering interested clients complete peace of mind acquiring STEM as their Business Voice Carrier.

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