Educating potential clients on what TRUE Enterprise Fibre really is.

True Enterprise Fibre is a flexible and scalable solution for multi nationals as well as international clients. STEM’s network has POPs nation wide backed up by 6 International Fibres, specifically designed and implemented to offer failover upon failover ensuring our national and international clients stay connected. True Enterprise clients that are on their comprehensive SLA’s enjoy the benefits of proactive monitoring, faster response times as well as their one of a kind penalty matrix.

As part of the service offering clients enjoy no restrictions. No acceptable usage policy applies, this product is uncapped and unshaped and can offer high capacity burst if needed.

STEM is confident that they are the BEST in the market and we offer this service to some of the largest brands that can testify to the excellent offering. Dedicated to delivering the best connectivity at the most competitive prices to the larger corporations has made them extremely successful in this arena.

This product is offered on multiple contract term options, of which they proudly offer zero installation cost on some of them.

At STEM they believe that transparency is key, educating their clients to make the best calculated and informed decisions for their business. They are clear on the contention ratios that they offer per product and deem it imperative that clients understand the difference between TRUE 1:1 Enterprise Fibre and

Business Fibre.

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