Now more than ever, enterprises are migrating to IP based communications technology in order to best fit the way their customers and employees communicate in today’s digital world. Our Business VOICE is defined when you have an existing PBX and want to use STEM as your Voice Over IP supplier. Prices have stabilised and ultimately what makes the difference is the Best of Breed equipment and increased user experience that will be the differentiating factor.

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) work behind the scenes to ensure that voice, video and data communications flow smoothly and securely between networks and the people who use them. An SBC is part firewall, protecting the network from IP-based attacks; part traffic cop, policing traffic to prevent overloads and directing it over shorter distances to save money; and part peacemaker, ensuring that networked devices from different vendors all speak the same language.

STEM increase user quality, security and user experience by:

Dedicated Session Border Controller that protects and route all calls.

STEM owns our own VOICE unlimited bandwidth private network. Our VOICE does not mix with customer data and does not traverse through the public network (Internet).

Session Border Controller does transcoding meaning all our customers can communicate on High Definition voice. STEM upscales VOICE from all providers including mobile providers to HD.


  • Dedicated Session Border Controller
  • Transcoding and upscaling Voice to High Definition
  • Dedicated Private VOICE Network with Unlimited bandwidth


  • Increased Quality
  • Increased Stability
  • Increased User Experience
  • Increased Security