GREAT NEWS! Existing clients will continue to receive the great service they have become accustomed too under a new name.

XDSL, a leading ISP since 2003 is now changing its name to STEM, the origin of connectivity. This is to better symbolize our services and capabilities.

STEM, the origin of connectivity was carefully selected and could not have been better suited. The very brand represents our position within the market as well as our commitment to growth, not only ours as an organisation, but along with our clients. STEM has the ability to offer futureproof solutions, bespoke MPLS and multi branch solutions and Guaranteed Voice services.

The journey that was embarked one has been phenomenal to witness, XDSL was established and they were the pioneers of DSL as a service, then evolved into a fully fledge fibre provider and therefore its was only natural for XDSL to evolve with the trend and reborn itself to become name relevant.

STEM will continue to offer the same reputable and reliable solutions, back up by the same support team. The name change will by no means affect their ability to offer existing clients service or support, on the contrary existing and potential new clients will enjoy an array of new innovative ways to connect.